Digital Services

Photo or Image Scans

Photo Solutions has extensive experience in scanning old photos, images, and documents to save them in a digital format that allows you to share and preserve your family, company or organizations past.

Slide or Negative Scans

Preserve all of your old slides or negatives in a digital format that allows you to edit and print them.  It also allows you to share the files with family and friends via email or social media.  Also makes a great holiday gift for family members, sharing a CD of all the family memories in an easily used format.

Digital Restoration

Our technicians can digitally restore your deteriorated photos and save them in a digital format allowing you to preserve family or organization memories before they are lost forever.  All work is done in our Bloomington lab, allowing you to know that your precious memories never have to leave town.

Image & Data Recovery

Suddenly unable to access precious photos?  Have a stack of floppy disks or diskettes that have data on them that you would like to have access to?  Our technicians can assist you in recovering data from many different sources.  Once recovered, we can save the data for you on a different format so that you can access it at home.  Call us today to see if we can help you recover precious memories and files.

Photo Slideshows

Photo slideshows can add that special touch to many special occasions.  Have one made for birthday parties, bat or bar mitvahs, reunions, showers, anniversary celebrations, memorial services, life celebrations or any other special occasion.  These slideshows can be personalized with titles, music, documents scans or whatever else you can think to add!

Cell & Tablet

Our staff has experience with retrieving your photos and images from your cell, tablet or laptop and saving them for you in a format that allows you to easily print and organize them, while freeing up memory on your device.